We use many different active ingredients to help fight glycation and to help with inflammation caused by the process.

  • Some of these include co-enzymes (vitamins) such as B3, B5, B6
  • Others are extracts and co-enzymes to help with inflamed skin such as tocopherols, allantoin, olive, and green tea extracts.

Recommended products:

  • The first product we recommend is It comes in three strengths; Mild for sensitive skin, Medium for Normal, and Ultra for healthy skin.
    • It is always recommended to start with Mild or Medium.
    • Rejuvenator contains many of the co-enzymes necessary for fighting glycation along with other actives to help with inflammation.
    • The secondary and possibly most important reason for using Rejuvenator is that you are providing most of the necessary nutrients to create a healthy environment and therefore healthy skin.  When our skin is healthy, it is more prepared to metabolize and fix molecules of this destructive nature.

A second product to recommend would be PEPTI-repair.  Although not as loaded with co-enzymes and extracts PEPTI-repair’s active is a repairing PEPTIDE released by skin cells when damaged.  The release of this peptide initiates many of the natural repair mechanisms necessary for the skin to recognize damaging glycation molecules as well as address the inflammation caused by glycation.

Last Update: October 19, 2018
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