Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Distributing Product

By being an authorized retailer of Viktoria De’Ann, products you agree to the following terms and conditions that are designed to protect your professional sales integrity:

  1. You are a licensed provider of Health/Aesthetic care in your state, or province, and will provide your valid professional license number with this agreement via online or e-mail (send to info@viktoriadeann.com).
  1. You comply with state resell regulations and will supply a copy of a resale certificate and/or number, if applicable.
  1. Viktoria De’Ann products are professionally dispensed, and therefore you agree to confine sales to a retail location and under no circumstance are the products to be sold electronically; however, in-office availability without price posting is permissible.
  1. Suggested Retail Pricing is 100% mark up from regular wholesale pricing.
  1. Accept all customers directed to your retail location.
  1. Any account identified in violation of these terms will be placed on hold until Viktoria De’Ann is satisfied that the terms and conditions for selling are met.


Return Policy

A REFUND/EXCHANGE FORM WITH AN INVOICE NUMBER MUST BE INCLUDED WITH ALL RETURNS. Please call our office at 866-771-7546 with any questions concerning our return policy.

Viktoria De’Ann will issue authorizations for return of professional skin care products sold to wholesale accounts that meet the following criteria:

  1. Money Back Guarantee – All Viktoria De’Annproducts have a thirty (30) day unconditional money back guarantee (not including shipping and handling). Items may be returned within thirty days from date of purchase with a copy of the invoice or sales receipt issued at the time of purchase for a full refund or exchange (not including shipping and handling).
  1. Damaged – Products received damaged may be returned for replacement within thirty (30) days of order date, including at no charge, shipping & handling. Please make these claims within ten (10) business days from receipt of products.
  1. Received in Error – Product shipped in error may be returned unopened for full credit, including shipping & handling, if requested by account. Please make these claims within ten (10) business days from receipt of products.
  1. All products returned after 30 days from purchase will have a 20% restocking fee deducted from refund/exchange. There will be no refunds or exchanges issued after 60 days from purchase date.
  1. Any product may be returned when patient is dissatisfied with the products performance. The account will be sent replacement product for the items returned at no charge.
  1. All credit card purchases will be issued a refund to the credit card used. Purchases made with check will be refunded by company check.


Products Not Eligible for Return

  1. Product involved in fire, sacrifice or bankruptcy sale or items that have been damaged due to conditions beyond the control of Viktoria De’Ann such as improper storage, heat, cold, water, smoke, fire, and negligence.
  1. Product returned by a party other than the purchaser.
  1. Product that has passed its expiration date.

This policy is NOT a contract. The Terms & Conditions and Return Policy is a unilateral statement of Viktoria De’Ann intent with respect to the type of sales allowed, and the conditions of returning products. This policy is not an offer to form a contract. Viktoria De’Ann retains the right to modify the terms of the policy at any time at its own discretion. Please complete, sign and return along with a professional, medical or skin care license number and a resale certificate in order to establish or re-establish your account.