Rosacea is a vascular condition where blood vessels are proliferating too close to the skin’s surface.

Rejuvenator helps to re-establish a corrected/optimal epidermal thickness which is important in two ways.

  1.  Capillaries are extremely visible in thin-skinned individuals
  2. An overly thick or thin epidermis may play a role in triggering angiogenesis (blood vessel development)

Whether the cause is defense or inflammation, vascularity is never desired by the client.  The key is obtaining the optimum protective barrier and underlying dermal health.

PEPTIpro-col   Another goal with clients with rosacea is to have the proper balance of structural components.  Collagen is one of these components.

PEPTI-repair Vascularity can be initiated from injury.  Repair’s goal is to aid in a proper repair cycle.  Repairing correctly could help the body recognize that over vascularization would not be necessary as the skin has successfully healed.

Last Update: October 20, 2018
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