A peptide is a chain of two or more amino acids joined together that build protein. Bio-peptide is a term for biologically active compounds that are chemically altered protein fragments. Peptides can be of a natural substance as well as chemically engineered.

The benefits of bio-peptides in skin care products are important:

  • Peptides stimulate cell activity by interacting with molecules that can signal fibroblasts to produce more collagen, thereby playing a role in encouraging cell renewal, cell turnover, and diminishing wrinkles and improving the skin integrity of rosacea.
  • Peptides act as a messenger between the top-most layer of skin or epidermis, and the dermis, The epidermal-dermal communication is important as it naturally breaks down as we age and is one of the causes of aging.
  • Peptides increase the synthesis of the dermal matrix molecules that are essential to preserving the skin’s youth. These increases are substantial:
    • Up to 287% for Glycosaminoglycans
    • 117% for Collagen I
    • 327% for Collagen IV
  • Amino acids help retain moisture in the skin and enhance the circulatory process.
Last Update: October 19, 2018
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