The theory of “killing cancer” is a fallacy. The theory of interfering with a pathway, forcing a cell to go apoptotic through peptide messaging is viable. There are other pathways through which the cell may adapt.

  • The other methods block the way affecting cancer growth, mobility or a hormone necessary for proliferation, i.e., Estrogen blocking, testosterone blocking, etc.  These are single targeting drugs.

Cancer is a non-descript organ, constructed and composed of self, invisible to the host, without form or function, or the necessary programming, which is attempting to survive.

On a mitochondrial level, some cancerous stem and daughter cells will self-correct metabolic function if provided the proper entities.

  • Rejuvenator was formulated in accordance to fulfill these requirements. It initializes the mitochondria to produce energy (Krebs cycle) and self-correct or enter apoptosis (cellular death). It is excellent for assisting in the healing of radiation burns.
  • Once the apoptotic (dead), the cell is quickly eliminated. It is a natural process.
  • All the products formulated by Viktoria DeAnn utilize positive control and augment the natural functions of the body’s systems.
Last Update: October 19, 2018
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