PEPTI-tone can be used on the entire face unlike Botox (spot specific) because it is not Botox nor even a toxin.

  • The issues we see with Botox are muscle atrophy and a general change in morphology.
  • When treating site-specific with Botox, we are concerned about changes in other portions of the face that must occur to relieve forces across the skin.  This is seen when a wrinkle in one area of the face is treated and disappears, but then re-appears as new wrinkles in other areas.
  • The goal of peptides that work in the area of muscle modulation is to compete with micro-muscle contraction, as to not atrophy entirely or block messages, but to contract when voluntary and necessary.  It is only the involuntary constant contraction we are targeting.
  • Peptides give the benefit of still being able to contract a muscle group without atrophy. It is not necessary to be site specific with PEPTI-tone.
Last Update: October 20, 2018
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