Peptides formulated by Viktoria DeAnn utilize positive control and augment the natural functions of the body’s systems.  Being knowledgeable about peptides, in general, is essential. Some known peptides are involved with intrinsic risks.

For example, IGF, VGF, EGF  (insulin growth factor / vascular growth factor/ endothelial growth factor)

  • IGF is related to cancer!
  • Doctors had been giving IGF shots to drive glucose levels down to induce GHRH. (Growth hormone-releasing hormone)
  • VGF is utilized/ produced by cancer to induce micro vascularization and survival.
  • EGF is used by cancer to induce proliferation of tumors.

The definition of a “peptide” is straightforward: two or more amino acids joined by peptide bonds.

Amino acids are relatively small molecules known for being the building blocks for cells.

  • The smallest is glycine, with just two carbon atoms, one of which is in the acid group (COO-) and the other has the amino group (NH4+) attached to it.
  • Other amino acids have longer carbon chains, some with a couple amino groups or acid groups instead of one.
  • There are many amino acids, but only 20 are common in proteins.

Amino acids can form peptides. Peptide bonds are formed by a condensation reaction and the elimination of a molecule of water. The nomenclature of peptides is as follows:

  • dipeptide – two amino acids linked by a peptide bond
  • tripeptide – three amino acids linked by a peptide bond
  • tetrapeptide – four amino acids linked by a peptide bond
  • pentapeptide – five amino acids linked by a peptide bond
  • oligopeptide -(oligo=few more than five) amino acids linked by a peptide bond

Peptides are usually represented by a sequence of letters, one for each amino acid, and sometimes by a sequence of three letters for each amino acid.

Long chains of amino acids form polypeptides (usually less than 100 amino acids) or proteins (longer than 100 amino acids). Peptide bonds are rigid due to the partial double bond character.

20 amino acids utilized only once in all possible combinations is 5,243,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

The skin care industry uses synthetic peptides that mimic naturally occurring peptides but modifies them by attaching a fatty acid to one end.

Last Update: October 19, 2018
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