We do not currently supply a product specifically for whiteheads. 

  • The Rejuvenator series helps support proper skin function, health, and provides beneficial nutrients. This support could, in turn, improve the rate at which the skin recovers. 
  • PEPTI-a.c.n.e. and PEPTI-repair may also be beneficial to your client’sPEPTI-a.c.n.e. has peptides that act like the natural antimicrobial peptides found on the surface of the skin.  Often, when you increase skin’s defenses, you dramatically reduce the production and appearance of whiteheads.
  • PEPTI-repaircontains peptide messengers that are related to the healing messages also found naturally on skin during an injury.  When the skin repairs and heals at an optimum rate, it reduces irritation time.

Breakout-prone skin begins to see visible improvement in weeks 2-3. Clients will still notice problem areas,  but not as often. In future weeks, clients will feel congestion, but it never surfaces. From week three on, the skin begins to heal itself and re-establish its defensive systems.  As the weeks pass, breakouts erupt less frequently.

Application: Apply PEPTI-a.c.n.e. twice a day.  It is best used and works synergistically with Rejuvenator. The Rejuvenator product is a key item in any spa-treatment that helps provide vital nutrients and peptide messengers to support a healthy metabolism. Therefore you are helping skin fight back with AMPs (antimicrobial peptides) while rejuvenating new healthy cells to come to the skin’s surface (helps speed up the purging process substantially); allowing the professional to provide a two-prong attack on these types of skin concerns. 

*Please note that these products do not treat acne, as acne is classified as a disease. We believe if you support the skin with the proper peptides and nutrients that it can properly heal and defend itself.

Last Update: October 20, 2018
October 20, 2018 1894FAQ’s