The premise of the single application of the peptides is built on the foundation that peptides are messages.  When you apply peptides to the skin, there is a flux or transport of a molecule, in this case, a peptide, to the desired cell.  When the peptides reach this location, there is a message conveyed whether it be for repair, collagen production, cellular turnover, etc.

Each outcome is based on an individual unique peptide message. 

Analogy -Compare cocktailing of peptides to delivering a speech to a large audience

During a mass communication, different cells (or different people in the large audience) grasp only one or two of the many messages delivered.

  • This is due to the volume in which the people heard the message.
  • The cells have a protection mechanism built into them to ignore “quiet” messages.
  • If a specific concentration or threshold of a message isn’t met, the cell does not respond or has very little response.

We see this quite often in ‘peptide’ products on the market today.  Even those that may have sound science do not meet the proper threshold, and therefore minimal results are seen.  Luckily, peptides are a very potent molecule otherwise no results would be seen in this case.

With Viktoria De’Ann peptides, you see results, which means that the threshold is being met.

  • If you apply one peptide, wait a few minutes and then apply the next, the first peptide has begun its transit to the target location with the following peptide a short distance behind.
  • This allows a specific concentration to reach the cells, at one particular point with maximum intensity, giving optimal results.

If you combine peptides, (cocktail) they are all competing at the same time through the same channel to reach the target cell.  The concentration of our peptides will still allow for results when cocktailing. However, we believe in always seeking the optimum effect.

Last Update: October 19, 2018
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