PEPTI-pro-col is designed to be a programmer for the proper regeneration of collagen during the normal cellular collagen regeneration.

PEPTI-correct Hp is designed to chelate metals in the skin.

Neither will exfoliate or act as a “peel.” A peel is a “Stratum Corneum Disrupter” requiring high to moderate levels of acid or base. Some peels are so aggressive they dissolve the skin. Alternatively, one can use a light peel,  with low concentrations to ‘assist the system’  to self-exfoliate by breaking desmosome bonds.

Chelation is the process of sequestering metals.  Many substances chelate to a greater or lesser degree.  The formula is adaptive and specifically designed to remove iron and iron complexes, which appear as pigmented blotches.  Chelators also sequester metals (iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, mercury, manganese) from dark-colored lipids.

Last Update: October 20, 2018
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