Introduction to Peptide Science

Introduction to Peptide Science

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An entry-level course to understand the science of BioActiv™ peptides. Professionals will learn how to easily implement peptides into professional treatments to help create cumulative and lasting skin rejuvenation and revision.

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An entry-level course to understand the science of BioActiv™ peptides. Professionals will learn how to easily implement peptides into professional treatments to help create cumulative and lasting skin rejuvenation and revision.


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7 reviews for Introduction to Peptide Science

  1. nativisskin (verified owner)

    This is an amazing course. I have so much better understanding on what peptide is, how they work. Having these knowledge is very important, especially for the professional estheticians. The knowledge is required for us to chose the quality products with high efficacy, and use them correctly for best result.

  2. Liz (verified owner)

    I have been performing treatments and retailing Viktoria DeAnn for 4 years at my practice. The first year I was not really sure how to incorporate these amazing peptides with the many modalities and different treatments that I offer to my clients. I also was not really confident on how to educate my clients on what these products work and more importantly what they would for them. I took Susan Wade’s first Level 1& 2 of Viktoria DeAnn’s education course in Florida and was blown away. I learned so much on how these products are like no other out in the market. She went into the science of it and in a way that was understandable. I continued to follow her on our FB group and my practice turned around from good to great. Everyone that came through my door, I was equipped to educate them on how these peptides were going to change the health of their skin. My retail doubled.
    Viktoria DeAnn’s education is necessary for any esthetician who wants to advance and become more knowledgeable in how they work.
    Once you start learning about these products you want to learn more, at least I do. I have to say that these products have raised my business to a higher level because education helps you grow and sets you apart from everyone else.
    Viktoria DeAnn’s education on their products will be a game-changer on how you understand how they work and your business will blossom.

  3. connierock (verified owner)

    I think for those Esthetician who have a limited knowledge of skin physiology and chemistry or the new Esthetician who wants to learn about the “cutting edge” peptide products by Viktoria DeANN, this is an amazing course. Or if you want to refresh your knowledge, you have to take this course. I am eagerly waiting for Level II.

  4. 9963181

    I want this course!!!!!!

  5. julesesthetics86 (verified owner)

    Phenomenal course! I love how Susan Wade breaks down the science behind peptides and how their sequencing is imperative to create change within the skin. She explains everything in such a way that is very clear and understandable. Being new to this amazing line, I already feel confident and comfortable incorporating these peptides into my clients routines to achieve the best results ever possible. Thank you all for being such a caring and informative skin care line!

  6. Gabriella Cantelli (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed being an Esthetician for 20 years, as well as being in the Aviation Industry for many years. The product has spoken for itself, as I have been using Pepti-Lift, Pepti-Tone, Hylauronic and Elastin as my core 4 products.The amazing results for me have helped me as a 65 year old woman to maintain a very youthful look. I have just recently dived into as many of the products as I can and the results just keep becoming more apparent that peptides are cutting edge in retaining your skin and protecting it at the cellular level. I am so greatful to have incorporated these products into my every day routine and for the science of the development of these products by the amazing people at Viktoria Dean that have formulated these skin changing products. I have just completed Level One of the science of Peptides and can’t wait to go onto Level 2! Susan Wade orchestrates the knowledge of the course in a simple presentation to Peptides and makes it easier to understand such a complicated science. Thank you to the developers of this product, because it supersedes and is First Class in the world of Professional skin care. Gabriella Cantelli

  7. Anita Norris (verified owner)

    Very in depth source on peptide science, the difference between in house sequenced peptides and mass peptides. Course was so addictive, I finished it in an afternoon. Excited to apply and revisit this information. Really looking forward to Part 2!

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