Bioactive Peptide + Regenerative Aging Certifications: West Palm Beach

Bioactive Peptides + Regenerative Aging Certifications: West Palm Beach


Join us Oct 12th for in-person education and receive dual certifications in Bioactive Peptides and Regenerative Aging. Deepen your understanding of our product line by learning the functions of peptides and the unique benefits of our bioactive ingredients. Then, enhance your expertise by exploring how to assess aging skin factors and apply our line of peptides and modalities for skin rejuvenation and renewal. Attendees can expect to leave this experience with two unique certifications, a deeper understanding of bioactive peptides and their application to aging skin, and networking experience with other industry professionals.

Residence Inn
455 Hibiscus Street
West Palm Beach, Florida



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Peptide Certification:

Understand the difference using Bioactive peptides
Master how peptides function within the body
Identify the methods of how cells communicate
Gain knowledge about our ingredients
Learn how to apply and integrate into new services 

Become an expert in your field with our Regenerative Aging Certification

Attain a thorough understanding of the many components of aging
Learn to identify the root causes of aging
Acquire an in-depth understanding of the role of hormones, nutrients, and oxygen in reversing aging cells
Receive hands-on training, and small, interactive learning to complete the certification.

Attendance is required for the entirety of the course to receive certifications. In-person education courses will require notification of cancellation 3 business days prior to the class at which point an account credit will be placed on your professional account. Any cancellations less than 3 business days prior are non-refundable. To notify us of a cancellation, please contact us at or 866-771-7546.

REGISTRATION COST $350 ($200 products and marketing supplies included)


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Event Details

Residence Inn,
455 Hibiscus Street
West Palm Beach, Florida

Date: October 12, 2024

Start time: 09:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Residence Inn, 455 Hibiscus Street, West Palm Beach, Florida